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Those were either our explorations and experiments or those of explorers we know.
How is Explorer Games played?

Hi, I’m Explorer Rex. Welcome to Explorer Games. Being an explorer requires only that you have an open mind and are willing to adventure. In return, you are transported into unknown worlds where discovery lives. Before I get any deeper into that, I have some questions to see what kind of missions you might enjoy.

1) What would be more fun?
Learning an academic skill this way...
2) Or by making a new machine?
3) What would your smash hit book or movie be about?
4) Do you know the number one predictor for success in any occupation is not IQ, GPA, or SAT scores? Could it be a self-disciplined hobby?
5) What song can change your mood?

What We Do @ Kuriosity Lab

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The Dodecahedron Mystery

... the story of a young man being tested on an unknown planet in pursuit of a great mystery.



Learning Is a Ball Theater

Part 1 The Mission

Playbook related to the video, check it out.

Experiments in Learning Differently

At the Kuriosity Lab, we believe learning happens through igniting curiosity. Did you know that humans learn best when moving? How do you learn academic skills more easily by playing ball?

How? Follow the trail of your curiosity. Did you know that school originally meant “leisure?” Or that television, the telephone and Braille were all invented by teenagers? So, what are your interests? Where learning is fun? Check out these questions.

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