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Tools for Exploration

Learning is a Ball

Are you an explorer?

Disclaimer: Be careful, exploration isn’t for everyone! Interested? Click the button above.
Those were either explorations we went on or experiments we did.
How is this Explorer Game played?

My name is Rex. The Explorer Game starts with a Mission. On any Mission an understanding of the Rules, who the Players are, what the Environment is, and what Tools you’ll need are important, even critical, to be successful. Before I get any deeper into that, I have a few questions to get an idea what kind of Mission you’d enjoy.

1) What would be more fun?
Learning an academic skill this way or...
2) Or by making a new machine?
3) What would your smash hit book or movie be about?
4) Do you know the number one predictor for success in any occupation is not IQ, GPA, or SAT scores? Did anyone say a self-disciplined hobby?
5) What song can change your mood?

Learning Is a Ball Theater

Part 1 The Mission

Playbooks are tools. What if a playbook about a ball could change the way you learn? Big claim? Beyond crazy? Yeah, it is. Okay, it changed, and is still changing, my world. And it's so much fun to learn this way! Want to learn how?

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The Dodecahedron Mystery

... the story of a young man being tested on an unknown planet in pursuit of a great mystery.


Experiments in Learning Differently

At the Kuriosity Lab, we believe learning happens through igniting curiosity. Did you know that humans learn best when moving? How do you learn academic skills more easily by playing ball?

How? Follow the trail of your curiosity. Did you know that school originally meant “leisure?” Or that television, the telephone and Braille were all invented by teenagers? So, what are your interests? Where learning is fun? Check out these questions.

What We Do @ Kuriosity Lab

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Playing the Exploring Game

It’s no sin to be glad you’re alive. – Bruce Springsteen Discovery is the greatest high! – E.O. Wilson, world renown biologist This is game about how to explore so you can discover what you’re looking for. We all are seekers to one degree or another. So what is it you don’t know? As the

“Shit for Brains”

Everyone was sitting comfortably. He stood up.  He was a tall, strapping, good-looking redhead young man of 18. We were discussing parenting and the good and bad we experienced. Emotionally, yet under control, he stated: “When I was four, my mom told me, ‘You have shit for brains.”’  Stone silence in the classroom. He had

After Many Years, I’ve Returned Home

I bought 24 acres of Vermont woodland and built a 12X12 cabin with my mate so we could stay warm and dry for the winter. The cabin and an Ashley wood heat stove worked in tandem to accomplish my mission. One morning in the snow I discovered bear prints immediately outside the long window I

The Dodecahedron Mystery Episode 1

To David and Colin for your belief in the project and your unconditional support by contributing in your deep talents and sharpened skills. To every wonderfully “weird” student that I was fortunate to connect with. By searching for your truth and authenticity, you challenged me to do the same! Episode 1  Alien I’m a contrarian.

Playbook: “The Mission,” Part 1

Welcome, Knowledge Explorers! This is “Learning Is a Ball Theater’s” Playbook based on the video, “The Mission.” This learning is based on play. Why? At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that people learn just as much—if not more—through play. As famed educator, Joseph Chilton Pearce, lucidly stated: “There is no part of play where …

Ball as the Mother of Invention

A mom and her son arrived at my classroom after school ended. The youngster of 12 or 13 refused to write. He was attending a prestigious and expensive private school. So, we went to work. I used all my best techniques. None worked. We were both frustrated. I knew his brother was star on his