The Experiments

Some search for meaning in their lives. Others, like former Beatle, George Harrison, pursued peace of mind. Mythology expert, Joseph Campbell, thought the “it” is a need for adventure in our lives. Others call it a feeling of freedom. While some label “it” as being in a flow. How do we free ourselves to be living our adventure and feeling that connectedness, that state of well-being? By examining what we receive pleasure from (and true pleasure may not be the same as overly using certain substances–including food–or being constantly reckless), then we can consciously choose those behavior patterns that suit us. It is what education should truly be about. Refining, tuning, adding and subtracting. It’s all a bunch of experiments. How do we learn what we love to do, how do we find those places?
Where are your rhythms?
Look into the past to get the answers to the present.
1. What are two or three of your fondest memories?
2. What was the environment like?
3. What were you doing or not doing?
4. What did you do a lot of?
5. Let’s say you can only do three things well. What would choose?
6. What do you consciously want to put more of into your life on a daily basis? Or what do you want to surround yourself with?
7. And just as important, what is it that you want to eliminate in your life as much as possible?
This will take some effort or will. These are not easy questions. After you work through these, you are ready for the next step.