Clues to Youse

Imagine Feeling Joy on Demand!
What does that look like?
Even just a part of it?
Experiment: Studies in neuroscience reveal that our brains release a feel-good chemical when we eat, are physically active, experience nature, listen to our favorite music or are engaged in what we love to do like a hobby. Certain thought experiments can work on a similar basis. Through experimenting what works for you in any of these fields, the better you understand how you work. If you repeat an activity that gives you joy and it works again… and again, you’ve got a keeper—something you can revisit when you want to feel good. I love playing ball. All kinds of ball. I love climbing hills and moving down them trying to imitate the way a cat would do it. And I enjoy observing nature and how it creates fractals in so many place.
See if any of the following questions help place your head and/or body into a good space. Put a check mark in the circle if it does.
O 1. What is the most beautiful environment you’ve experienced? Picture the scene in as many details as possible.
O 2. Or, can you make up the perfect environment where you are totally comfortable and at ease?
O 3. Anyone from the past, present, or future whose expressed an idea or thought that gives you a smile?
O 4. What was the best thing anyone ever said about you?
O 5. Watch your mind travel whatever path it wants. It’s like treating your thoughts/feelings as if they are actors telling a story on stage while you sit in the audience watching it all go by. Just watch them go by with as little emotion as possible.
O 6. What’s your favorite line from your song or a poem?
“When you get confused, listen to the music play”
Franklin’s Tower by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter
Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart?
Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin’ Spoonful
All day long you’ve been wanting to dance
Feeling the music from head to toe
Round and round and round we go
“Hail, Hail, Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Deliver me from the days of old
Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rock, Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll
The feeling is there body and sou!”
School Days by Chuck Berry
O 7. Do you when it’s time for you to do something new?
O 8. Can you observe and experience at the same time? Choose something that you like doing and try out this experiment.
O 9. What three things do you like to do? Can you do these activities every day?
If you can, why not? Imagine knowing that you will get pleasure by incorporating these activities in your life every day?