Clues to Youse 3

Clues to Youse 3
First Rule: Be curious
If your mind asks questions, you will continue to learn.
For instance:
How do I win this game?
How is work?
What if you had to make up your own life,
What would that look like?
If you could only do three activities in life, what would you choose?
Will you choose wisely?
What if instead of “trial and error” which is the common wisdom today,
but untrue according to the way we truly learn, we replaced it with: Experiment and Modify
After all, humans are programmed to learn through multiple attempts.
Think how a young’un learns to talk and walk.
No one gets to talk and walk on their first try.
That thought is plain ridiculous.
We learn by trying to predict what will work.
Then we try out our theory.
See what happens.
If it works, that’s vwonderful.
If it doesn’t, we take part of the answer that worked,
Or discard the whole and start again.
When we are being curious, it says that we are not satisfied with what we now know.
That means that there are questions that we ask and when we have the answers that can lead to even more questions.
As brilliant scientist, lover of life, and Nobel prize winner in physics, Richard Feynman mused:
“The same thrill, the same awe, comes again and again when we look at any problem deeply enough. With more knowledge comes deeper, more wonderful mystery, luring one on to penetrate deeper still. Never concerned that the answer may prove disappointing, but with pleasure and confidence we turn over each new stone to find unimagined strangeness leading on to more wonderful questions and mysteries—certainly a grand adventure.”