Out of Sorts?

And you are not sure why. You know there’s something that’s not quite right. Maybe you’ve been feeling it for awhile. But you’re not sure if it’s you or the external world. Maybe both? Maybe it will all work out. Just let it be.
That plan can work. But relying on the kindness of strangers, or floating about without an anchor, may not work.
Then what’s the game* plan?
*Notice: it’s not a work plan; it’s a game plan.
The first choice is: do you want to play?
When it comes to play or not, I will almost always choose “play.”
How about you?
So, if you agree:
What game do you wantto be playing?
The fashion game which is about making you or others jealous,
The power game of having the money/influence to gain objects and control others,
The popularity game and having lots of friends,
“I just wanna have a good time, dude,” game,
“Can everyone just stop bugging me?” game,
How about the best game in town?

Yeah, What’s that?
Not so fast. A couple of pieces of info first.
First thing to know: Every game has a way to win. It’s one of the five commonalities of all games. Another way to say it:
What’s the Mission?
Or Objective?
Or Goal?
So, what’s the mission for the Best Game in Town?
At least for humanoids, besides surviving which the species doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with these days, is to answer two questions:
“Who am I?”
“What’s my purpose here?”
And when you discover those answers,
and give back to the community,
That’s where true freedom resides.
And they don’t practice or teach you much about this in school.
Unfortunately, Not enough people are playing this game.
Most people are interested in one of the games previously mentioned.
But we know of no game that compares with this.
Feeling connected.
Want to know the rules?
If you know the rules,
Life becomes much easier.
Not easy.
But easier.