Feeling Good Again: The Rhythms that Fit

They surround us.
Too often, we are oblivious.
Being deeply buried in our own thoughts and predicaments.
The noise of these thoughts lead to “Dissonance Time.”
When we fall out of rhythm, it is painful.
And the ego will always volunteer to come to the rescue.
It is at the scene of the crime.
Matter of fact, it is the reason there is a crime.
A crime against your being in rhythm.
You feel “under the weather” or low energy.
The ego will usually offer you only a temporary fix.
“Indulge, you deserve it,”
If it was there to truly serve you, the ego would cause its own demise.
That’s not going to happen.
Why do you think it’s called ego?
So, how to get back in rhythm?
There is relief out there.
There are plenty of rhythms to hang out with.
But you have to ease up on the self-infatuation.
How about slimming that “infat?”
Can you slow down enough to disassociate from the ego?
Can you ask permission from the ego to set you free if just for a few minutes?
Don’t worry. the ego will always be there when you return.
So, for now, can you choose another stations?
What’s the room you’re in saying ?
Do you hear the buzz or hum of an electrical device?
Open a door and there’s more rhythms.
Step outside and a whole new universe exists.
Birds singing, a child playing, the wind rustling through the leaves.
How about listening to some of your favorite music?
Music for the mood you’re in?
When you do, your body treats you!
Blasts of dopamine!
Feeling good again!
Moving to that music just makes life better.
You are definitely in rhythm now.
Physi-clarity, ok, physicality, offers even more dopamine and rhythm
Wonder why physics and physical ed are nearly identical in name?
The original meaning of physics as coined by the Greeks means:
The study of nature.
Study of nature = physics
Nature of humans = physical
At their very last public performance on a rooftop in London,
the Beatles rhythmically sang:
“Get back to where you once belong.”
In rhythm.
Feels so good again!