Bored, Want Something Different?

Bored, Want Something Different?
“If you want a cure for boredom, try curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity.”
~ Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), poet, satirist, & author
At this moment, don’t listen to the critics.
Not even the ones inside your head.
Especially the ones in your head–very tough characters.
Drum Roll, Drum Roll ! Please!
You’re good enough as is.
You just have to discover what your “is” is.
In other words, where do you feel at ease, at home?
Yet fully engaged!
It’s where you’re exploring new territory
And you are still in your neighborhood.
Even losing track of time.
And you’re learning bucket loads without noticing.
And it feels fine.
That place exists for you.
It exists in you.
Do you know where that space is?
Can you get there when you choose?
Want to?
It’s a quest.
So, of course, we begin with a few quest-ions
We call them “Clues to Youse.”
These questions can reveal what you already know.
But you will be clearer. In focus.
Doubts diminish and fly away.
What have been one, two or three of your top experiences?
What were you doing?
What are your dreams for the future?
It doesn’t matter if they don’t seem real at the moment.
First things first: can you identify any part of one or two?
Or, what have you been proud of?
Or, what was something you did that gave/gives you joy?
What made it so enjoyable?
Clues, Quotes, & Questions
1. What three human skills are you most impressed by?
2. Ever remember a line(s) from a song, or poem, that has prevented you from falling into a funk?
3. Check out this song, “You Can All Join In,” by Traffic.
“Here’s a little dance you all join in.
It’s very simple, and I hope it’s new
Make your own steps up if you want to
Any old steps that you think will do.”
4. What kinds of activities would you do on a perfect day?