Clues to “Youse”

Clues to “Youse”
What is your “Is?” It’s the place where you feel truly at home.
You probably have some ideas.
But if you’re confused, perhaps a few of these questions may catch your attention. Only spend time with questions that are of interest.
A simpler way to say it: the questions can be used as:
Clues to “Youse”
Hey, I’m allowed, I grew up in the Bronx and Queens.
Some questions will be a fit for you. Some won’t.
Like a good detective novel, the questions that spark a sense of curiosity you, or hold your attention for even a couple of seconds or more, are pieces to figuring our your personal puzzle of:
“Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”
So, copy & paste those questions
onto a new word doc called “Clues to Youse.'”
It’s just a suggestion, of course. And it is not necessary to actually answer the questions. Often, the answer is in the question. The fact that it has got your attention is enough–at least for now. This a space where there are no grades; only levels of interest. So, if Question 121 catches your attention, and you so choose, copy and paste that question into a new doc. Label the doc so you can easily find it if you want to add more questions/clues to your list.
Which questions attract your attention? Answers below.
( ) 110. What’ do you think has got their attention? Hint it has to do with “Learning Is a Ball.”

( ) 111. What are the optimal states for you to learn? Choose two:
Caffeinated.Relaxed.Slightly apprehensive.Attentive.
( ) 112. School in its original meaning meant:
A. Respect
C. Study.
( ) 113. The Number 1 predictor for future success of a young person in any domain is:
A. IQ.
B. Self-disciplined hobby.
C. SAT scores.
( ) 114. Which statement is false?
A. We humans are operating primarily on a pain/pleasure duality.
B. We want to maximize pleasure.
C. We have emotions, so we can maximize pleasure.
( ) 115. True or false?
Learning through emotions is one of the two most powerful ways to place ideas/concepts into long-term memory where they are never forgotten.
( ) 116. What did you love to do between the ages of 6-10?
110. Believer it, or not, this is a memorial celebration for a teacher.

111. B. Relaxed. D.Attentive.
112. D. Leisure. No kidding.
113. C. Self-disciplined hobby.
114. A bit of a trick. All are true.
115. True. Repetition is the other.