Welcome Knowledge Explorers

This Playbook is based on the video, “The Mission.” We call it a Playbook because it’s learning through play–not work. At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that you learn just as much—if not more—through play.

The goal of this playbook is for the viewer to be able to determine what a mission is and that it is a vital part of thinking systematically. The Playbook is filled with games, questions, and experiments. You choose what to explore:

Any of these interest you?

( ) 75. The Surprise Game asks: Did you ever make something that surprised you in the way it turned out?

( ) 76. Want to create a game using light? Can you guess how we got accomplished this mission?

( ) 77. Can you imagine the joy of writing a song and playing it on an instrument and others really like it?

( ) 78. What three descriptive words would you choose for yourself? Would people who know you well describe you the same way or different? Of all the words, what seems just right?

( ) 79. Did you know school, a concept the Ancient Greeks created meant leisure? “There is no part of play where you’re not learning.” — Joseph C. Pearce, Educator and Visionary

( ) 80. If you were to change a rule that we all are instructed to follow, what would it be?

( )  81. Recognizing patterns is a form of intelligence. What patterns do you recognize in your life? Do they work for you or do you need to revise them?

( )  82. Have you ever been so “completely absorbed in an experience or event that all sense of time, space, and self are lost? “ — Laurence Boldt, Tao of Abundance. What were you doing?

( ) 83. How have two or three people you know changed their mind on major issues of our time as a result of our current crisis? How have you changed?

 ( ) 84. Agree or not: “Change environments, not people.” – Bucky Fuller. Agree or not?

 ( ) 85. What if understanding paradoxes was an important skill. What paradoxes would you like to learn more about?” 

( ) 86. Do you know how to make thoughts visible? How is that accomplished? 

( ) 87. If you could write the next mega book success like Harry Potter, what would it be about? What is the plot, who are the characters, and where is it set?

( ) 88. Agree or not? Is the past important but not the most accurate predictor of the future? In other words, does linear thinking have many limitations? Do you know about Nassim Taleb’s chaos theory?

( ) 89. What if you believed in a solution, and acted on it, but it didn’t work–and the whole world was watching? What would you do next? 

( ) 90. CLUES TO YOUSE ACTIVITY: Convince a local musician to teach you and some friends: 20th Century U.S History through MUSIC. We did. It’s a BLAST!

( ) 91. Are there any connections between music, amusing, and muse?

( ) 92. And what does a muse do anyways? Know of anyone like that in your life?

( ) 93. Are you surprised that respect in Latin means “to see again?” What other words with Latin derivation allows for insights to the original meanings like comfort, decision, or speculator?

( ) 94. CLUES TO YOUSE ACTIVITY: You will have great difficulty in finding your true talents if you are consumed with getting the approval of others. Have there been times when you just didn’t care what others might think, and you did what felt right to you? Watch yourself during the day when you cave into your friend(s) concept of what supposedly is “cool.”

( ) 95. Was there anything on this list that got your attention? What’s the next step?

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