What If a Ball Could Change the World of Learning? Part 1

How crazy of an idea? Especially now in a world filled with such complexity. In whatever spot in the universe I am currently in, it’s true. I’ve been teaching/learning how to use a ball to teach academic and social skills for over 20 years now. Back then, when I told parents and teachers that’s how

Experimenting with Smiles

A few years ago I fell into an experiment. I was walking to the local library while listening to some favorite tunes. A lyric simultaneously triggered a smile in my head and on my face. Just at that moment, a woman, who was approaching, read my smile as if it was meant for her. She

Bucky Part 2: Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth

Why Humans Are So Lucky? Bucky Fuller explains in his Operating Manual For Spacship Earth All universities have been progressively organized for ever finer specialization. Society assumes that specialization is natural, inevitable, and desirable. Yet in observing a little child, we find it is interested in everything and spontaneously apprehends, comprehends, and co-ordinates an ever

Bucky Fuller, Secular Saint

During these holidays of hope, I am reminded of a secular saint: Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller. Known for geodesic domes, Bucky was all about doing more with less. He showed us that there was plenty of resources for everyone to be decently clothed, fed, and sheltered. Unfortunately, we humans are so wasteful and inefficient in our

An Antidote to Genius Destruction

You are, or have been, a genius! And if you’ve been in the process of losing yours, you can recapture it. This is not an opinion. We have data. A recent study by NASA and the University of Arizona found that 98% of four and five year olds were creative geniuses when it came to innovative

A Niche in Time

Your job is to discover what your singular talent is. Everyone has at least one talent that can bring them joy. How do you discover yours?  It starts with what catches your attention or sparks your interest. Second: it’s gathering clues; clues that relate just to you, or what we call “clues to youse.” Too