A Niche in Time

Your job is to discover what your singular talent is. Everyone has at least one talent that can bring them joy.

How do you discover yours?  It starts with what catches your attention or sparks your interest.

Second: it’s gathering clues; clues that relate just to you, or what we call “clues to youse.”

Too often schools, adults, and even friends define success much too narrowly. The “normal” standard for success is money, power, and prestige. But that’s a very narrow and limited, often times crippling, definition. Wearing the clothes, listening to the same music, speaking/texting in the same phrases doesn’t get you there. It only helps get you accepted into a social group.

There are many musicians, scientists, carpenters, artists, teachers, inventors, athletes, writers—just to name a few–who aren’t necessarily rich, but are successful. They enjoy what they do while giving back to the community!

So, what are three things or activities that are you? We’re not talking about what our culture says it is: like sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Here’s a small sample of items to see which ideas, activities, questions, visuals, and links might be of interest you. If you find one–that’s a start. You are on the road to discovering your true you. Only you can make this happen. After you make some progress, you will find help along the way in many different forms.

Clue to Youse: Your will is your friend. Excuses are the enemy.

Not every item will be of interest. Skip those that are not. But when you find ones that stir your curiosity, that’s what counts. Keep a list. It will be of great value to see your patterns. Otherwise over time, you may forget what interested you. And then you may complain how boring life is.  

At the Kuriosity Lab, we believe true learning is about “figuring things out.” (John Holt). It’s hardly ever about memorizing a list of facts. We believe learning should be enjoyable too, or “Play Attention.” 

There are no right or wrong answers. Only your opinion matters.

Experiment: If the object of the game is not to think, what three things would you choose to do

“It takes as much energy to be blue as to be happy.’ — a famous Yaqui from Mexico reportedly said.

Ever been around people who make up the rules of the game and they won’t change them even if they are unfair? 

Can you examine a long-held belief, and see if it no longer works for you,  and instantaneously change to a more joyous one?

Sometimes that’s not easy.

So how can you systematically do that?

Try an experiment:

Deliberately Evolve Your Brain

How do you do that?