Bucky Fuller, Secular Saint

During these holidays of hope, I am reminded of a secular saint: Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller. Known for geodesic domes, Bucky was all about doing more with less. He showed us that there was plenty of resources for everyone to be decently clothed, fed, and sheltered. Unfortunately, we humans are so wasteful and inefficient in our practices. He understood human nature at the deepest of levels: “Don’t change people, change environments.” 

His insights are still remarkably accurate.

Neuroscience studies tell us that when given a safe environment—physically, mentally, and emotionally—with positive stimulation, children can become their best.

And when Bucky advised us how to live a life worth living he was clear: “be truthful, be honest to yourself, don’t be afraid of failure, study nature’s ways and learn its principles.” Check out Buckminster Fuller edited by Thomas T.K. Zung

But one my very favorites of Bucky’s is his “Great Pirate Theory.” Once you know about it, it’s hard to forget. More about this next time.