Truth to Youth: Dream On and Recognize How to Play This New Game

We’ve led you down a path that promised infinite possibilities. Unfortunately the game was one of finite possibilities. And finite games always have winners and losers. We were fooling ourselves and misleading you pretending that it was an infinite game. That is something our generation needs to take full responsibility. Not to lament the past, but to learn from it.

So what to learn?

By definition, finite games always have winners and losers. On the other hand, an infinite game’s goal is just keep the game going by playing cooperatively.

Infinite games are far more intriguing to me because they have so many more different possibilities to explore. And what is primary in the new normal is that infinite games, just like nature, thrives on cooperation. And as Buckminster Fuller and a minion of other visionaries explained to us in the late 60’s and early 70’s: we need a diet for a small planet.

How do we get more from less? Goodness knows we have been wasteful. Nature shows us that is not necessary. It’s a law in nature: conservation of energy, or don’t use any more than you need. And nature wastes nothing! Everything is recycled. It’s the true meaning of what a conservative is about.

infinite games, by their nature, or structure, diminish the need for greed.

In infinite games, everyone clearly knows when someone is not being fair. Folks like that act as if their time and energy is more valuable than their fellow playmates. And paradoxically enough, those who want more, usually can’t be satisfied even with an a near infinite amount.

AND with infinite games, it is far more fun to a play a game where everyone is cooperating. When you fairly share the limited resources–then there’s plenty enough for all.

Oh, and in this kind of society people understand at a cellular level that caring for your neighbors, friends, and family, is like taking care of yourself.

When people realize in their muscles and bones, that by giving your energy to serve other humans, you get so much more back. Wow, how quickly we can change the world.

So, it is a new world. Can we begin to create the rules for a new way to explore? We have nature to rely upon. For over four billion years it has followed simple laws that have created extraordinary variety and beauty. What kind of infinite game do we want to play? It is a matter and space of choice. How do we succeed in our mission to play by mimicking a natural law: a mission to get more from less?

How can you make your wonderful dreams come using nature as a guide?