The Dodecahedron Mystery Episode 1

To David, Colin, and Blake for your belief and energy, and to every wonderfully “weird” student that I was fortunate to connect with. By searching for your truth and authenticity, you challenged me to do the same! Keeping the faith! Episode 1  Alien I’m a contrarian. If I told go one way, I go the

The Dodecahedron Mystery: Ch 2 : The Observatory

Darkness is turning to light. It has taken longer to get here than I had predicted. But I have made it before dawn—just  barely. I’m too exhausted to celebrate. As good as it is to finally arrive, I still have no idea what my mission is other than delivering this book to the observatory. The building’s

Playbook: “The Mission,” Part 1

Welcome, Knowledge Explorers! This is “Learning Is a Ball Theater’s” Playbook based on the video, “The Mission.” This learning is based on play. Why? At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that people learn just as much—if not more—through play. As famed educator, Joseph Chilton Pearce, lucidly stated: “There is no part of play where …