Completing Communications

Drawing by David Gordon

Hanging Chad is suffering again. It seems that he has a habit of not completing communications. He leaves friends, family and acquaintances not knowing where he stands or what he feels. He doesn’t return communications when asked out for lunch, or whether he wants to go up to the mountains for the weekend. He doesn’t follow through with business associates even when he can make a deal.  

He is dismissed by many as a flake and not a real player.

No wonder Chad is looking sad these days. If he can’t finish the communication loop, then others will. It usually ends with a sentence that has “jerk” in it. 

Perhaps, it’s that Chad doesn’t respect other people’s time? Or his time as well?

Or, is he a space cadet? Or, totally unorganized? Or, maybe he’s a serial procrastinator? Or excuse maker? Or is it that he is out of touch with himself and his needs.

For whatever reason, it’s the opposite of being impeccable. How often do you opt out of the loop?

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