If You Could Invent a World, What Would You Surround Yourself With?

What if the antidote to an often harsh and care-less world is creating an environment where you feel fully at home? What would your sanctuary include?

I’ve been lucky to be able to work and play towards this goal. Even though I live in a small cabin, I have enough space to have a dance/gym studio heated by a windowed wood stove that keeps me toasty through the inland Northwest’s cold winters. The simplicity of being warm and dry in nature’s colder months is one of my great joys in life. And with the help of my neighbor, we built an attached greenhouse that is a delightful 75 degrees when it’s 25 outside. In the summer, growing tomatoes, peas, and corn in rich loamy soil powered by the sun, soothes my soul and belly. All this is wrapped in 44 acres of pasture and forest land with two ballfields and one ball court in the making. And from this perch, there’s the deluxe visual treat to view thousands more acres of natural beauty. Lucky camper!