Are You an Explorer?

Your mission, if you so choose, is to discover what your singular talent is. Everyone has at least one talent that can bring them joy.

And according to a most-respected scientist, E.O. Wilson: “Discovery is the greatest high!” 

How do you discover yours?  It starts with something that interests you.

These interests are clues to your uniqueness and possible talent. 

Too often schools, adults, and even friends define success much too narrowly. The “normal” standard for success is money and power. But that’s a very narrow, and limited, even crippling, definition.

There are many, many musicians, scientists, nurses, artists, teachers, carpenters, inventors, writers—just to name a few–who aren’t rich, but are successful. Imagine if success was defined as doing your best and having peace of mind.

At the Kuriosity Lab, we believe true learning is about “figuring things out.” (John Holt). So, learning is about following a path to your brilliance. It’s hardly ever about memorizing a list of facts. We believe learning should be enjoyable too, or “Play Attention.” 

So, here’s a sample of items to see which ideas, activities, questions, visuals, and links that might interest you.

Not everyone will be of interest. Skip those that are not. But when you find ones that stir your curiosity, that’s what counts. It’s a clue for you. Keep a list. Otherwise over time, you may forget what interested you. And then you might complain how boring life is.  

There are no right or wrong answers to these—only your opinion matters.

Print out or Cut and Paste the ones you like.

(  ) What if you had a magic carpet and you could visit anywhere real or imagined, where would you go? 

(  ) What rule would you like to break and not be punished for? 

(  ) Which game(s) did you ever enjoy? It could be any kind of ball, computer, fantasy, board, or made-up game. 

(  ) Check out how the ocean currents in the world work.  The ones around Antarctica determine the weather on our planet.

( ) Which sound like fun?

  1. Being physically active _____
  2. Making ______
  3. Exploring ______
  4. Inventing _____
  5. Communicating _____
  6. Thinking _____
  7. Pretending ______
  8. Wondering ______
  9. Anything else? ______

 (  ) What’s the difference? A billion is a 1000 million. If you counted to a million adding a number every second, it would take 11.5 days. A billion would take over 31 years.

(  ) If you could do any if these really well in an instant, which ones would you choose?

A.  Artist (Painter, Dancer, Writer, Actor, Musician, Singer)

B.  Ball Player (Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball)

C. Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber.  

D. Scientist, Doctor, Inventor.

E. Lawyer, Judge, Policeman.

(  ) What surprise would you like to repeat? Remember the feeling of an unexpected day off from a snowstorm? Or the best gift, or a kindness that you didn’t see coming your way?

(  ) What national holiday would you invent and have everyone celebrate? 

( ) Can you guess what this is? 

Answer: photographed in a dark room with a iPhone. It’s a single white string vibrating rapidly as a rotating light of different colors shines from below onto that string.

(  ) Why do people say one thing and do another?

( ) Can you make out what the sign is saying?

(  ) Did you know the human body produces natural feel good chemicals when:

  • Moving the body whether its running, dancing, playing ball, hiking, pumping weights, stretching, skating, jumping (just watch a young child be delighted in moving their bodies in different ways). It creates new brain receptors. 
  • Listening to/making music.
  • Learning what you’re interested in.
  • Meditating. 
  • Performing random acts of kindness.
  • Being social.
  • Playing a game or practicing a hobby.
  • Achieving a goal (even a small one).

(  ) If there was one change you’d like to havein your school/social life, what would it be? 

(  ) Do you have a favorite musical group/singer or what is your favorite song?

(  ) Do you know what  makes you angry?

(  ) Ever look at the same situation from different viewpoints?

(  ) What makes someone smart? Hint: there are lots of ways