Mark Gordon

all you need is love

What if it were truly true? And anyone not in synch with this simple but powerful philosophy, no matter how smart they were in deconstructing the premise, was living too deeply in logic land.

Podcast 2: Mr. Pet

Mr Pet? What or who is Mr. Pet? A six-foot invisible rabbit? A costumed actor performing before a convention of veterinarians? It’s actually a system to understand what your goals are in determining how to move your life forward with intent. yourself and the games you’re participating

A Dream Come True

I had a dream many years ago. I was looking up a south face, sloping hillside. I stopped to take it in. When I turned 180 degrees, I saw the sun beginning to set over cascading hills and mountains with a river at its base. And now I was literally standing on the land of

Hat of Choice (Had a Choice) How Do You Like to Learn?

There are at least three processes to place concepts/skills into long-term memory where the data explains it is never forgotten. Input Storage Retrieval Which one(s) work for you? They are not mutually exclusive. If you haven’t tried them all, it might be worth experimenting. Simulation Practice Discussion Reading Experiment Discussion Reciting Peer Teaching Lecture Exploring


UTV It’s snowing again—from gentle to purposeful. After all the snows this year, its beauty melted my hardness so I could slip into delight. For over two days, David and I focused on getting our first “farm” vehicle. We don’t need a tractor. Our needs are small. Transporting bags of soil, and moving some big

Playing the Game

Any of those questions or those quick images catch your interest? If you choose to play Explorer Games, there is a mission or prime directive. It’s to discover what interests you. What makes you feel glad to be alive. In this vast world, there’re so many mysteries and things to wonder about. Many lead to

“Shit for Brains”

Everyone was sitting comfortably. He stood up.  He was a tall, strapping, good-looking redhead young man of 18. We were discussing parenting and the good and bad we experienced. Emotionally, yet under control, he stated: “When I was four, my mom told me, ‘You have shit for brains.”’  Stone silence in the classroom. He had

After Many Years, I’ve Returned Home

I bought 24 acres of Vermont woodland and built a 12X12 cabin with my mate so we could stay warm and dry for the winter. The cabin and an Ashley wood heat stove worked in tandem to accomplish my mission. One morning in the snow I discovered bear prints immediately outside the long window I

The Dodecahedron Mystery Episode 1

To David and Colin for your ceaseless belief, advice, along with your magnificent talents to make this project happen. To every wonderfully “weird” student that I was fortunate to connect with. By searching for your truth and authenticity, you challenged me to do the same!   1. Alien I’m a contrarian. I might even be

Playbook: “The Mission,” Part 1

Welcome, Knowledge Explorers! This is “Learning Is a Ball Theater’s” Playbook based on the video, “The Mission.” This learning is based on play. Why? At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that people learn just as much—if not more—through play. As famed educator, Joseph Chilton Pearce, lucidly stated: “There is no part of play where …