Learning is a Ball

Meet the Giant Learning Ball

Kids always love to play with balls, but their absolute favorite is the Giant Beach Ball. Check out this video in case you missed our last event! And don’t forget to come to our next one: https://www.kuriositylab.org/events-1 Music by www.bensound.com #kuriositylab #learningisaball

Curse Words

Curse Words

Writing is a powerful art. Yet too so many screw it up needlessly. That’s why words like “nice,” “interesting,” “good,” “like” are curse words. They say nothing. It is the refuge of the lazy or the dull. This is not about being fancy with long, windy words like “hypotenuse” or “utilitarian.” The simple word “use”

Getting Connected

Getting Connected

“Found has every part of fun it it.” What is it that we are all searching for? Is it that elusive sense of peace? If not outer, then inner. We know we can only control three parties of the first part: me, myself and I. It’s not necessarily about being happy either. Although that is

A Sweet Path to Math

Do you remember when you dreaded walking into your next class? It may have felt a little like placing yourself into jail—you knew the time in that room was going to be very slow and painful. For too many, math was that class. It no longer has to be that way. We challenged the premise

Getting OLD? What Kind?

Sometimes when you are young, you want to be older. Most people I know get old before they get old. On the other hand, I have seen 80 year olds who were younger–way younger–than some 16 year olds. So, it seems that there are at least two kinds of “old.” One, where you have enough

The Experiments

Some search for meaning in their lives. Others, like former Beatle, George Harrison, pursued peace of mind. Mythology expert, Joseph Campbell, thought the “it” is a need for adventure in our lives. Others call it a feeling of freedom. While some label “it” as being in a flow. How do we free ourselves to be

Being curious

Being curious

If you are looking at those seven questions as a chore, you may be acting like a bore or maybe a snore. (it’s not that you are a bore or snore; you are just acting like one. Big difference. We’ve all been bores and snores at one time or another) BUT If you can look


Taboo-ing is not to be taken lightly. These are behaviors prohibited through law or custom. A society creates these “norms” for fear that if enough people act “abnormally,” it could be threaten the survival of that culture. China still limits the number of children you can have for fear that too many people will destroy