Explorer Games: Tools to Discover Your Adventure

by Mark Gordonwith Colin Barton illustrated by David Gordon featuring Derek Webb Chapter 1: What Explorer Games Is Based On Explorer Rex here again. Exploring has always been Numero Uno in my life. My first memories as a little tyke were investigating new worlds, until I heard my Mom calling me back to base. But,

Ball as the Mother of Invention

A mom and her son arrived at my classroom after school ended. The youngster of 12 or 13 refused to write. He was attending a prestigious and expensive private school. So, we went to work. I used all my best techniques. None worked. We were both frustrated. I knew his brother was star on his

Truth to Youth: Dream On and Recognize How to Play This New Game

We’ve led you down a path that promised infinite possibilities. Unfortunately the game was one of finite possibilities. And finite games always have winners and losers. We were fooling ourselves and misleading you pretending that it was an infinite game. That is something our generation needs to take full responsibility. Not to lament the past,

What If a Ball Could Change the World of Learning? Part 1

How crazy of an idea? Especially now in a world filled with such complexity. In whatever spot in the universe I am currently in, it’s true. I’ve been teaching/learning how to use a ball to teach academic and social skills for over 20 years now. Back then, when I told parents and teachers that’s how

A Vital Game for Kids to Master:

Why Is “Follow the Leader” So Important? Alan Watts claimed that “Hide snd Seek” was a universal game found in every culture since the dawn of history–probably before as it taught vital skills of survival for hunter/gatherers: escape and attack. At It is still a popular game, but with children being less physically active, it