A Vital Game for Kids to Master:

Why Is “Follow the Leader” So Important? Alan Watts claimed that “Hide snd Seek” was a universal game found in every culture since the dawn of history–probably before as it taught vital skills of survival for hunter/gatherers: escape and attack. At It is still a popular game, but with children being less physically active, it

Imagine Having a School System Whose Core Value is… Imagination

Imagine Having a School System 
 Whose Core Value is… Imagination

Albert Einstein spent his first 17 years battling a German bureaucracy called school. The reason why Einstein may have not done as well in school as you would expect was that he abhorred the strict regimentation of what and how was taught. Traveling across Europe to join his folks, who had moved to Italy, Albert

The Educational Revolution Is Here!

The Educational Revolution Is Here!

On this site–check it out. And it starts with a ball. What is this about? Based on neuroscience, the new education mirrors the Ancient Greek dictum: “Know Thyself.” The new curriculum focuses on three questions: “Who Am I?” What Am I Doing Here?” How I Get There?” Students’ become motivated. Check out the other posts

Best Game in Town?

Our arrivals and departures from this world are similar no matter what era–at least until now. Unlike some other species, we humans are born on this beautiful sphere wholly unequipped for its array of challenges and opportunities. When we leave, it’s because our body can no longer keep it together–and soon that may change too.

A Sweet Path to Math

Do you remember when you dreaded walking into your next class? It may have felt a little like placing yourself into jail—you knew the time in that room was going to be very slow and painful. For too many, math was that class. It no longer has to be that way. We challenged the premise

Getting OLD? What Kind?

Sometimes when you are young, you want to be older. Most people I know get old before they get old. On the other hand, I have seen 80 year olds who were younger–way younger–than some 16 year olds. So, it seems that there are at least two kinds of “old.” One, where you have enough


Taboo-ing is not to be taken lightly. These are behaviors prohibited through law or custom. A society creates these “norms” for fear that if enough people act “abnormally,” it could be threaten the survival of that culture. China still limits the number of children you can have for fear that too many people will destroy