Completing Communications

Hanging Chad is suffering again. It seems that he has a habit of not completing communications. He leaves friends, family and acquaintances not knowing where he stands or what he feels.

I Wonder Why

Is there a place, or places where you feel free and most like yourself? It’s a space where you feel fully alive and accomplishing your objectives with ease. Where is

All You Need Is Love

What if it were truly true? And anyone not in synch with this simple but powerful idea, no matter how smart they were in deconstructing the premise, was living too

A Dream Come True

I had a dream many years ago. I was looking up a south face, sloping hillside. I stopped to take it in. When I turned 180 degrees, I saw the


It’s snowing again—from gentle to purposeful. After all the snows this year, its beauty melted my hardness, so I could slip into delight. For over two days, David and I

“Shit for Brains”

Everyone was sitting comfortably. He stood up.  He was a tall, athletic, good-looking redhead young man of 18. We were discussing parenting and the good and bad we had experienced.