You Have an Activity that Brings You Joy.

Joy is greater than pleasure. Joy may be rooted in pleasure but it touches the sky to where you feel strong, healthier, in synch when you move into that actio

And unlike other activities, this one brings you joy nearly every time you make it happen.

Your Job Is to Discover At Least One New Activity.


Because When You Find an Activity that Where You Feel in Rhythm, You Will Know IT and…

You’ll Want to Repeat It Often Because You Feel in Rhythm, in Synch, with Yourself and Your Immediate Environment.

And It All Starts with One Activity… Any One.

As World Renown Biologist, E.O. Wilson concluded:

“Discovery Is the Greatest High?”

So How Do You Discover This Activity? See Below

Go to homepage and scroll down until you can click on the red button: For Explorers Only

At the Kuriosity Lab, we believe learning happens through igniting curiosity. One of the very best ways humans learn is when actively moving. How do you learn academic, or social, skills by playing ball? What might the students be learning about here? Gravity? Teamwork? Being thankful and celebrating it? Or, even compassion?  Or…

How? Follow the trail of your curiosity. When I found out the original meaning of school was “leisure?”  I got curious. Or,  How did teens invent television and Braille?  So, what makes you curious? Where is learning fun for you? Here are some clues.

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