When 6 Balls Are Moving in Rhythm

Is this a writing experiment or a math one? Or maybe it’s an experiment in another field of play. Imagine whoever reads this will see/experience something different.
Want to try a game?
Can you access a joyous inner feeling on demand?
To make this possible, probable, or close to a certainty
wouldn’t it depend on how often you practice that feeling?
Isn’t it what perspective you take–consciously or not?
Doesn’t unconsciousness, or being unaware–sometimes deliberately–leads people to making things harder than they need to be. Does that make much sense?
Isn’t there much better ways of getting what you want?
So here’s a question that leads to joy.
Can you remember when you were so surprised, and in wonder, about how the world works?
Or, remember when you saw a waterfall for the first time?
Or balanced yourself on a bike and felt truly free?