Playbook: “The Mission,” Part 1

Welcome, Knowledge Explorers!

This is “Learning Is a Ball Theater’s” Playbook based on the video, “The Mission.” This learning is based on play. Why? At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that people learn just as much—if not more—through play. As famed educator, Joseph Chilton Pearce, lucidly stated: “There is no part of play where you’re not learning.”

The Playbook is filled with games, questions, and experiments. You choose what to explore. This segment is about missions and games. Here are some questions that may stir your imagination.

  • If you could create a mission any place on Earth in any time period, where would you go, and what would like to accomplish?
  • Do you know how to deliberately create a new game?

Every game has MR PET in common:

Mission Rules Players Environment Tools

  • What kind of game could you create using these the carts as Tools. The Environment is a warehouse. Anyone can be a Player? What are the rules? What’s the objective or Mission?
We used these to learn math

Can you see how you could learn Rate = Distance/Time by wanting to decrease your time around the course?

Or, how about creating a game using light? Can you guess how we got this affect?

  • Or, how about creating a game using glow sticks and prisms?

Here’s another one: It’s called “The Sparking Your Curiosity Game.” Do any of these questions spur your curiosity?

  • What enjoyable surprise would you like experience again?
  • If you could write a hit song, or direct an award winning movie, what would it be about?
  • Do you know if you’re more of a whole-to-parts learner or a parts-to-whole? Why would this knowledge be important in the way you learn in school and life?
  • If you could create any new course in school, what would it be?

Does This Way of Learning Work?

If you like an activity, game, or experiment, there’s a much greater chance that you will repeat it. And if you repeat something you enjoy, an emotional connection is created. Emotions and repetition are the two most effective ways to place skills and concepts into long-term memory—where they are never forgotten. And when you repeat something you enjoy, it becomes play. And you want to do it again and again!

Is Play Real Learning?

“Play is for kids and not serious learning!” I’ve heard that many times. Then why do we train the pilots who defend us with simulations which is an adult way to say play? 

The Playbook focuses one how to enjoyably learn math and English through being physically active. Ready to take this playbook out for a road test?