Being curious

Being curious
If you are looking at those seven questions as a chore, you may be acting like a bore or maybe a snore.
(it’s not that you are a bore or snore; you are just acting like one. Big difference. We’ve all been bores and snores at one time or another)
If you can look at these questions with a sense of
These Two Simple Words:
Make All the Difference in the World.
Be Curious
It determines whether you place yourself in
Or in
(You remember Orin Hell? Neither do I)
Or depending upon your curiosity level, somewhere in between heaven or hell. But definitely better off than where you are now.
If you practice Being Curious
or through
Your life will improve.
To paraphrase writer Dorothy Parker: If you’re bored, try curiosity. And you will never be bored again.
Once you become curious, you naturally will discover things/places/people that you didn’t know about.
As world famous biologist, Prof E.O. Wilson stated:
“Discovery is the greatest high!”
Want to Truly Get High?
(The high that lasts forever)
Where and How to start?