All You Need Is Love

What if it were truly true? And anyone not in synch with this simple but powerful idea, no matter how smart they were in deconstructing the premise, was living too

Welcome Knowledge Explorers

This Playbook is based on the video, “The Mission.” We call it a Playbook because it’s learning through play–not work. At The Kuriosity Lab, we have discovered that you learn

The Future in Your Hand

How is that possible? So many ties that bind. So many obligations. What if you could move anywhere… during any period of time? Where would you go? What would you

The Educational Revolution Is Here!

The Educational Revolution Is Here!

On this site–check it out. And it starts with a ball. What is this about? Based on neuroscience, the new education mirrors the Ancient Greek dictum: “Know Thyself.” The new

Best Game in Town?

Our arrivals and departures from this world are similar no matter what era–at least until now. Unlike some other species, we humans are born on this beautiful sphere wholly unequipped

Clues to “Youse”

Clues to “Youse”

What is your “Is?” It’s the place where you feel truly at home. You probably have some ideas. But if you’re confused, perhaps a few of these questions may catch

Ignite the Dream

In many tribal cultures, it was said that if the boys were not initiated into manhood, if they were not shaped by the skills and love of elders, then they


Einstein believed in three core values: Truth, Kindness and Beauty This is only a string vibrating with a multi-colored light shining on it moving rapidly. Simple. I took a series