Getting Connected

Getting Connected
“Found has every part of fun it it.”
What is it that we are all searching for?
Is it that elusive sense of peace?
If not outer, then inner.
We know we can only control three parties of the first part: me, myself and I.
It’s not necessarily about being happy either.
Although that is a wonderful state.
But happiness is temporary.
Things change.
And if you want to be happy all the time, then you are bound to be disappointed.
Then you’re not happy.
Being on the happy side of duality certainly seems to be preferable.
But it is obviously not foolproof.
Is there another state that we can inhabit beyond the world of duality?
You know it, when you feel it.
It is being in rhythm. Another way some describe it as: “being the zone” or “being in the flow.”
And where you are in yours—the ones very specifically for you?
You know, Those places that reside in you in a place even beyond happy.
Do you know how to deliberately activate those spaces?
If not, there is no better opportunity than now to discover them.
How do you do this?
Can you remember anytime in your past where you felt this feeling of deep rhythm?
Often it is in play or being playful.
You don’t do this activity cause you “have to” or out of obligation.
You want to do this.
You look forward to it.
And when it happens, even “blissing out” is in reach.
And if that doesn’t work, then you can use science to discover them
Turns out that all Homo Sapiens share certain activities where they can experience their rhythms.
You get a boatload of a feel-good chemical that the body produces (dopamine) when you listen to your favorite music. Or are in nature. Or when you are physically doing something you truly enjoy.
Now you know.
What are you going to do about it?